You’re Newlyweds. It’s Time to Share Space (And Stuff)

You’re Newlyweds. It’s Time to Share Space (And Stuff)

Tips to help you combine your home and lives

Getting married is a big life move on its own. With marriage, comes moving in together, which is another big life move--and a big physical move. When you go from living alone to now living with you and another, you’re doubling the space and the stuff. The process of consolidating it as well as meshing lifestyles can be stressful, but here’s how you can avoid some pain along the way (all of which should definitely be discussed before the wedding and before moving in).

  1. Talk Finances

Before taking a giant leap into such a life changing decision, get on the same page with your partner about your financial situation. How will you divvy up the financial responsibilities not only for the move itself but for the rent, utilities, and decor? Will there be a combined account? An equal financial split? Talk it over.

  1. Talk Square Footage.

Before you can start separating stuff into saving and selling piles, you need to know how much space you’ll have in the new place. Compromise so that you have equal space between the two of your for your items, and be prepared for when you make mutual purchases.

  1. Talk Style

It's so important to know your new spouse stylistically so that the both of you can compromise on the look of the place if your tastes are different. Some go for the fill-every-corner look, while others lean toward the extreme minimalist style. Knowing your partners taste is important because you need to know where you’re going to put any excess stuff; having enough storage is crucial.

  1. Talk Saving and Selling

Moving is a great opportunity to shed clutter and maybe even make some money off of what you get rid of. Together, decide what you want to keep and what you want to discard. Start those recycle, donate, keep, or sell piles!

  1. Talk Measurements

Measure your large items so that you can better plan for what will or will not fit in the new place. This will also help in making informed decisions when purchasing new stuff.

  1. Talk Moving Day

Make the moving day ritual fair for both of you. One of you gets the movers; the other gets the boxes and packing material. Together, you can prepare for this day, which can easily become very stressful.

  1. Have A Storage Backup Plan

For when there are excess belongings that may not have a place in your new place, make sure to prepare by having a storage plan--and not a traditional one. Adding trips back and forth from a storage unit can make the moving process so much worse. A place like Callbox Storage is ideal for moments like these! We do all the grunt work for you and we do it in a transparent and organized way. We pick up the items, put them all into photo-inventory (which can be accessed through an online account), and then we deliver them as needed for free.

  1. Move As A Team, Live As A Team

The most important thing to remember in taking this big life step is that you’re doing it together. Even if one spouse is moving into the other’s place, support them fully, and make it a combined effort in packing, sorting, and consolidating. It will strengthen you as a team and as a couple!

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