Self-storage sucks

Self-Storage SUCKS choose Full Serivce Storage from Callbox Storage to make your life hassle free

In the world of 2019, everything is progressing forward. From phones, TV’s, cars, homes…the list goes on. So why is it that self-storage is still the same as it was from the very beginning? There is nothing flashy or appealing about overpaying for storage solutions when you’re the one doing all of the work. Thanks, but no thanks.

Self-storage isn’t a solution to your storage needs. In reality, self-storage adds more problems and stress to your storage needs rather than “solutions”. We could go on for hours about the reality of how self-storage sucks. But for now, we’ll leave you with our top reasons why self-storage sucks:

  1. Self-storage makes you do all the dirty work

Callbox Solution: No need to haul heavy boxes into your car during scolding hot summer temperatures and waste your time getting to and from the storage unit, only to have the strenuous process start all over again to unload your items. The only thing you’ll be lifting in working with Callbox is your feet on a table! We pick up, store, and deliver your items back. In the words of Steely Dan, “I’m a fool to do your dirty work”.

  1. It's impossible to remember what you put into self-storage

Callbox Solution: It’s impossible to remember every single item that you put into storage. Do you remember what Beanie Babies you threw into storage back in the 90’s? So why put that type of burden on people? At Callbox, you can keep track of all of your items through photo inventory right from your phone.

  1. Self-storage makes you pay an arm and a leg for YOU to do all of the work

Callbox Solution: Would you go to a bakery and buy a slice of pie for $15 or find another bakery that sells the whole pie for $15? This answer really is as easy as pie!! Pay less for more service with Callbox Storage. We won’t make you sweat the storage stuff, just leave it all to us. (Who's craving pie now? Just us? We’ll move on…)

How Does Callbox Storage work?

The Callbox model most definitely doesn’t suck. We don’t put you through the long and strenuous cycle like traditional storage companies. Callbox comes directly to your home, packages and protects your items, takes photos of each box, loads and takes your items to a temperature controlled and secure storage facility close by. Ready for the best part? We even bring your items back right to your doorstep when requested!

Callbox Full-Service Storage: Your Storage Solution

Don't just take our word for Callbox being the answer to all of your storage solutions. Take it from this nifty chart that says it all:



Callbox Storage saves you 8.5 hours or more on your life

With 8.5 hours you could:

  • Start learning a new language. Did you know that 8.5 hours of study will give you a solid foundation for learning a new language? And like most things in life now, there's an app for that.
  • Ride ALL of the rides at ALL THREE theme parks at Universal Orlando Resort. Now that's a day full of amusement!
  • Use the extra 8.5 hours to RELAX. Go to the spa, get a massage, play a round of golf, indulge in retail therapy...however you choose to relax, go for it because the day is ALL yours.

Never Step Foot into a Storage Unit Again

It’s a no brainer that self-storage sucks. It’s time you make a change over to storage solutions that don’t suck! Callbox Storage provides storage solutions throughout the U.S. in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Phoenix, and Seattle that people just can’t get enough of! All you have to do is schedule a Callbox Storage pick up and we’ll handle the rest.

Your storage solutions don’t have to suck. Contact Callbox Storage today (all the cool kids are doing it).