Seattle's Guide to Small Space Storage

Seattle's Guide to Small Space Storage


Seattle continues to be one of the top places to live thanks to a thriving job market, an outdoor lifestyle, and plenty of culture. But in a tight housing market, storage space, or even a nearby storage unit, is at a premium. Did you know the average apartment in Seattle is a mere 696 square feet?

Seattle city ordinances limit house sizes, so in neighborhoods like Belltown, Wallingford, and North Queen Anne, homes sell for over $500 per square foot. Even in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Metro area, prices average $295 per square foot.

With such small houses and high prices, you’ll find that it’s hard to find enough storage space in a Seattle home. Living in a small space means dealing with storage issues. Full service storage facilities like Callbox are the answer for easy on-demand storage.

How do you fit everything you need for a great Seattle lifestyle into a small space? Expensive custom closet built-ins won’t make a home bigger, and bike storage quickly fills up an apartment:

  • Go Vertical
    Utilize all your wall space by bringing storage up to the ceiling. If it’s open space above shelves and cabinets, you can use decorative baskets to store things you don’t use that often.
  • Learn to Fold
    Maximize drawer and closet space by learning the best ways to fold clothing and linens. You’ll be able to store more than you thought, and easily find it. Being able to see your stuff when it’s packed away helps you know what you have so you don’t buy more of it.
  • Use Dividers and Containers
    Not only do they keep things contained and looking nice, you can designate a certain amount of space to specific things, and not let yourself go over that limit. Whatever you can fit in that section is what can stay. Anything else may need to be donated or put in storage.
  • Everything as storage!
    Creativity is everything, and with a wide array of furniture styles and price points, anyone can find multi-use items that look nice and provide storage. Whether it’s underbed storage, a trunk/coffee table, or extra shelves added on, there’s extra room to be found everywhere in your home.
  • Dream Higher
    Think you’ve run out of places to store things? No way! Just look up. Creative ceiling storage is a little more challenging and may require some DIY solutions, but it can definitely work.

No matter how organized you are, in a small space it’s best to just have what you need accessible and rely on storage for the rest. That’s where solutions like Callbox full service storage come in.

Storage solutions for smaller homes in the Seattle/Tacoma area

What To Put In Storage

Sending items to storage with Callbox is easy—just gather everything together and we’ll send our professional moving staff to pick it up. We do the heavy lifting, and when you need the item again, just call us or go online to arrange delivery.

Our clients love our on-demand storage service for things like:
  • Mountain bikes
  • Kayaks and boating gear
  • Seasonal sports equipment
  • Camping and fishing gear
  • Air mattresses, pillows and bedding for guests
  • Luggage, travel gear and car racks
  • Holiday decor
  • Extra furniture

Callbox’s online inventory system includes photos and online access to everything, so you can easily track and manage your stored items.

Storage For Seattle Students

As the home of Seattle University, Antioch University, City University of Seattle, and the University of Washington, Seattle has a large student population. Small student apartments make affordable storage a necessity.

Callbox Storage is a student favorite. With our convenient pickup and delivery and online tracking, using Callbox Storage is like adding extra square footage. Callbox's student clientele can increase or decrease the space purchased as needed. If they leave for the summer, we pick up everything from their apartment, store it, and redeliver it in the Fall.

Callbox Storage can get that for you - don't get yourself injured moving things

Why Seattle Loves our Full Service Storage

Families change over time—young families may be growing, and older couples are downsizing. Full-service storage not only reduces clutter in a small home, it helps you manage your possessions across different life stages.

Send extra furniture to storage to make room for a baby. Keep outgrown toys and furniture out of the way until baby number two arrives. Store family heirlooms after downsizing to save them for your kids. Keeping stored items safe and organized gives you peace of mind.

Moving around the Seattle neighborhoods? De-clutter before staging and selling your house—then have stored items delivered to the new home. Save money by storing extra furniture for future use—instead of donating it and having to replace it when you need it again. Callbox does all the heavy lifting for you, and our online photo inventory helps you stay on top of things.

Callbox Storage Full Service vs Self-Storage Comparison Chart

Redefining Self-Storage

The old kind of self-storage units have limited sizes available. If you need more or less storage space, you’ll have to pack and move everything to a different unit by yourself. Full service storage in Seattle costs about the same as a DIY storage garage, but we’ll do the work. Callbox Storage has clean, secure, and climate-stabilized storage facilities that will accommodate your changing needs.

Not only will we move everything, you pay only for the storage space you actually use! Your storage rental includes one pickup or return of up to five regular-sized items every month. Instantly hire our professional movers for heavy items. Track your items and go online to schedule delivery and pickup anywhere in the Seattle metropolitan area. To find out more about how Callbox Storage is making self-storage easy in Seattle and get a free price quote.

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