Play It Safe: Home Buying & Selling in Austin

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There are a lot of things up in the air right now as we find ourselves trying to find solid footing in the middle of a global pandemic. If just normal life feels a little “off,” having to move in the middle of this time might seem like something that could push you over the edge.

However, if you find yourself in need of moving right now, there are two people who can help you keep your calm and cool and make moving a breeze: an exceptional real estate agent and a professional organizer.

Luckily, there are many of these very people in the Austin area who not only want to make your move easy but also as safe as possible for you and your family.

Here are just a few of our favorite professionals who are adapting their practices during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep you healthy and still get the job done.

A Word From Our Local Real Estate Partners

With most of their business conducted face to face touring a variety of homes, real estate agents have had to adapt quickly to the changes that COVID-19 has had on the real estate business to ensure the safety of their clients and their associates. Here are just a few Austin-area agents we proudly partner with and how they are adapting to these changes:



Michelle Jones and Todd Grossman - Compass, Grossman & Jones Group

Michelle Jones and Todd Grossman and their team of professionals are doing everything they can to provide a safe experience for buyers and sellers they are working with. This includes:

  • Wearing face masks and gloves during private showings.
  • Maintaining as little contact as possible during showings.
  • Screening potential showings thoroughly to ensure anyone inside a home is truly qualified.

Michelle and Todd continue to be “business as usual” when it comes to making recommendations to clients that will maximize their profits and minimize their time on the market. Contact Compass, Grossman & Jones to discuss how they can help you stay safe and active in the Austin real estate market.



John Chriss - DEN Property Group

During this time, John Chriss is dedicated to making sure that hope prevails, and he believes that hope is built and nurtured in the home. That’s why he’s doing everything he can to make sure the human element isn’t forgotten during this time of limited human interaction. To keep his clients safe and taken care of, John is:

  • Offering virtual showings and video conferencing when needed and appropriate.
  • Practicing social distancing through phone calls and cards to local businesses and clients.
  • Wearing personal protective equipment according to federal and state guidelines.

Contact John if you would like a consultation on how he can help you safely connect to look at buying or selling your home.



Leslie Gossett - Kuper Sotheby's International Realty

Leslie Gosset and her team of professionals are following the comfort level of clients as they help guide them through the buying or selling process. Some practices they’ve put in place to help their clients feel comfortable include:

  • Wearing face masks and gloves during in-person interactions.
  • Maintaining social distancing during in-person showings.
  • Unlocking vacant homes to be viewed while waiting outside.
  • Staging homes and directing placement while wearing protective equipment.

If you’re in the real estate market in the Austin area, contact Leslie to see how she can help you through the process in a way that makes you feel comfortable and protected.



Laurie Mills - Austin Portfolio Real Estate

Laurie Mills is honored to serve the Austin community when it comes to helping buy and sell homes. In order to make sure this process is done with safety in mind, Laurie and her team have made the following changes to their practices:

  • Wearing face masks, gloves and booties during in-person showings.
  • Signing waivers to confirm everyone is fever free and hasn’t been exposed to anyone who has been ill.
  • Taking additional precautions when it comes to sanitation.

Laurie knows the market has been moving, and she is determined to make sure it moves safely forward. Contact Laurie to see how she and her team can help you sell or buy a home in these unusual times.



Moving this Summer? Our Partners Have Your Back

At Callbox, we specialize in making sure your home is walk-through ready by helping pack, inventory and store your extra belongings until they’re ready to be moved to your new home.

We also partner with professional organizers who can help you in many ways as you declutter your home for showings and organize your new living space. Need help unpacking and organizing your kitchen? We know someone that can help!  Here are some of our favorite Austin-area professional organizers and how they are helping their clients in new “out of the box” ways during this time.



Ms. Placed: Done-for-You Luxury Home Organizing

The team at Ms. Placed created all-inclusive, confidential packages that take all of the guesswork (and stress) out of home organization. Our expert team will organize, shop for, and unpack even the largest homes in a matter of days. We offer Austin's most high-profile residents bespoke organizing services to accomplish their goals—without requiring them to lift a finger.

Contact Ms. Placed for more information about their services, and be sure to check out information on their Luxe Closet Master Class. During this time, Ms. Placed is still doing in-person sessions; however, they have instituted frequent hand washing breaks at regular intervals for the entire team. They also practice social distancing and disinfect surfaces as needed. If requested, team members also will wear face masks in your home.



Graceful Spaces Home Organizing

The services of Graceful Spaces go beyond just organizing, turning their passion for inspiring simplicity into helping create a home that supports your family’s individual goals.

Graceful Spaces is proud to announce they have launched their virtual services to help you get rid of the clutter and take back your home. In their virtual series, you will learn the exact methods, systems and solutions that would be used in an in-person session, all while staying safe and healthy. We are SO thrilled about our online course and appreciate that being shared! We are still in client homes up with updated safety procedures and would love for your readers to know there are two opportunities for us to serve.

Visit their website for more information on how to access Gracefully Organized Virtual Services, and learn how to create a system of organization that will be lifelong.



NEAT Method: Organizing

The team at NEAT Method is committed to creating a luxurious and smartly appointed living space for you and your family by designing and implementing a customized solution that is not only effective but sustainable.

With more time being spent in your living space, NEAT Method would love to work with you in the Austin area by offering virtual organizing with 10 percent off their service fees. Contact the NEAT Method for a consultation on how you can begin to organize your home one easy step at a time.

Safety is on the minds of everyone right now but especially those in the real estate and home organizing industries. While we all have learned that life doesn’t stop during a pandemic, these are just a few of the local Austin businesses that can help do what needs to get done while still ensuring everyone is safe and comfortable as the process happens.

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