Seasonal Storage Tips for Tackling Summer to Fall Organization

Seasonal Storage Tips for Tackling Summer to Fall Organization

Temperatures are getting cooler, the leaves will soon be falling, days are getting shorter, and the smell of pumpkin is in the air. This can only mean one thing... it's time to start the seasonal rotation of summer into the cooler seasons ahead!

While preparing for the seasonal transition might seem daunting, here are some of our top tips to conquer the rotation like a pro.

  1. Pack up the swimsuits and bring out the sweaters

Organizing closets should be a top priority when transitioning into the fall season. It’s time to make room for the warm sweaters and accessories.

Pack your swimsuits away and store them to free up space in your homeHere are some best practices when it comes to exchanging summer wardrobe...

Get rid of clothes and shoes that:

• don't fit

• are stained or worn out

• never saw the sun this summer



De-cluttering our lives means living with less and in this case - less clothes. It's not a simple task getting rid of clothing items and it can almost seem impossible at times, but according to Dallas Professional Organizer, Tonia Tomlin with Sorted Out, "If you want to live in a home that feels less cluttered, simple lifestyle learning to live with less will help you reflect on how much you really don’t need. Remember less is MORE!" Check out more of Tonias tips on how to live clutter free here.

After sifting through your clothes, you should have both a keep and a give away pile. Consider donating the clothes in your give away pile.

Consider storing your "keep" summer wardrobe in storage. This allows for more space in your closest, making room for all of the comfy, warmer fall attire to fit in one place (bring on the layers!). Boxes with a hanging rod are a great solution to storing your summer clothes through the off seasons. 


  1. Exchange the cool duvets for the cotton comforters

Store you cool duvets and replace with warmer duvets

It’s time to cozy up and trade out the crisp, cool duvets and linens for the warmer down comforters, cotton sheets and knits.

Bedding takes up quite a bit of closet space. Keep yourself from wasting valuable closet space by packing up your summer bedding and blankets and storing them in a Callbox Storage unit. This will give you a peace of mind that your closest space is being utilized at capacity.





  1. Store the summer decor for the Fall decor

Store your Summer decor when your Fall decor is out

There's nothing quite like making your home capture that quintessential, cozy fall feeling. Which means it’s time to put away the bright colored summer décor and bring out the pumpkins, gourds, and foliage!

Callbox Storage can help make holiday and fall transitions as easy as pumpkin pie! After packing up your thin summer blankets, brightly colored throw pillows, and outdoor dinnerware, Callbox Storage can pick up your boxes right from your front door and store it for you. Giving you the space you need to embrace the season, without the clutter!


  1. Outdoor Seasonal Transition

Seasonal Storage Solutions for GarageSeasonal transitioning isn't just for the inside of the home, it's for the outside too! During the fall, landscape maintenance is in full force. Make sure you're set up with the right tools this season while still having enough room to park the car in the garage!

We recommend storing your summer items such a scuba equipment, pool floaties, and the slip-in-slide. This allows you to have room for the right seasonal tools in your garage readily available such as a leaf blower, broom, and rake.

If your space is small and you need all of the room you can get, Callbox can pick up, store and deliver your outdoor seasonal items when you need.


Callbox makes your seasonal home transition painless

Combine fall seasonal transitions with Callbox Storage to make the process painless. Callbox Storage will pick up your summer goods from your house (for free!), take photo inventory of your items that can viewed online, store it in our climate controlled units near you, and bring it back whenever you need. 

No matter how much stuff you need to transition and get organized for the fall season, it’s hard work…but the reward of having a home prepped and de-cluttered for the seasons ahead is well worth it! Give us a call at (833) 937-8673 or start your free quote here!

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