Full-Service Storage: Making Self-Storage Easy & Hassle Free

Callbox Storage Full-Service Storage

Self-storage has meant the same thing to a lot people for a lot of years: the traditional cycle of finding a storage facility close by, packing up your things, hauling heavy boxes into your car, and unloading them into a storage unit. Only waiting for the process to repeat itself once you’re ready to take your items out of storage.



That’s a lot of work in today’s age where we like to have everything accessible and done at our fingertips. No one understands this more than Callbox Storage! Callbox Storage is putting an end to the strenuous traditional cycle of self-storage and creating hassle-free, full-service storage solutions for everyone.

What is full-service storage?

The Callbox full-service model is simple. Unlike self-storage companies like Public Storage or CubeSmart where you have to endure a strenuous and lengthy process

Callbox's Full-Service storage Means:

  • We come to your home or office
  • Wraps your items in protective padding
  • Creates a photo inventory of your items
  • Barcodes each box for easy look-up later
  • Carefully loads your items in our trucks
  • Takes your items to our climate controlled and secure storage facility near you
  • Brings your requested items back when you want them

But the genius doesn't stop there! Callbox allows you to keep track of your items through your personal photo inventory right from your phone and request your items to be delivered back when you need them!

How does Callbox compare to self-storage pricing?

The best part about Callbox is you’ll receive additional services for a price that is comparable to self-storage units. With their technology and logistics platform, Callbox has the ability to optimize both space needs and driver routes to provide an efficient storage service throughout specific cities at a competitive monthly cost. Allowing you to save money without sacrificing concierge storage services!



Full Service VS. Self-Storage

Still not convinced that full-service storage is the way to go for your storage needs? Let us help break it down for you by comparing Callbox Storage to other popular self-storage facilities:

Callbox Storage Self-Storage Solutions Comparison Chart

Full-service storage that speaks for itself

Callbox Storage was created to make hassle free storage solutions for everyone. We package, pick up, store and deliver all of your items at a comparable cost to other self-storage facilities. Callbox Storage is here to help save you time and money, making self-storage stress a thing of the past!



Experience the perks of Callbox Storage today! Find a location near you or call (833) 937-8673 for an instant quote.

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