Callbox Storage: Never Step Foot In a Storage Unit Again!

Callbox Storage: Never Step Foot In a Storage Unit Again!

If you ever had to move stuff or put stuff in storage you know how much of a pain it can be…but thanks to Callbox Storage, you never have to go through that again! Callbox storage is revolutionizing the self-storage industry making it to where you never have to step foot in a storage unit again. The Callbox Storage model is simple. We will package and wrap up your items securely, store your items with a photo inventory that is visible online, and deliver your items back when you need them. Kyle Bainter, Callbox Storage’s co-founder and CEO, said “we figured there has to be a better way to do storage, so our goal was to make storage simple”.

How Does Callbox Storage Work?

Unlike traditional storage companies where you have to bring your items to the unit, Callbox storage goes to the customers home, we pad wrap and protect the items, we barcode and take a photo of each box, we then load the items, we take it to our storage facility which is climate controlled and secure. You can keep track of your items through photo inventory right from your phone, Kyle further explains that, “This is a great aspect because you could be in a meeting at work or dropping the kids off, log into your account and request your Christmas decorations back, your camping gear…whatever you need back, just click on the photos and Callbox will bring back the items to the customers door.”

My Items will be Delivered back Right to my Door? 

You heard right! Callbox likes to make sure that their customers have clarity to what they have in storage at all times. The photo inventory of your items online helps make this possible. All you have to do is click on the items that you want back, simple as that. Kyle further explains that once you request a delivery “we then pull the items in storage and load them into our vans or trucks and take them right back to your doorstep.” With a confirmation process every step of the way, you know where your items are at every step from the storage unit to your door.

And when i'm done with my items? 

Callbox has you covered! Whether its holiday decorations that you need stored or looking for more space in your home, Callbox will come to your home and pick it up for storage. “We had one customer that would take 22 trips back to the storage unit for Christmas decorations, now with just a click, we bring it all right back to his door and when he is done, we come back and pick it up to store it for him till next year” Kyle said. 

How does Callbox compare to traditional storage pricing?

The best part about Callbox is you receive these additional services for a price that is comparable to traditional storage units. Thanks to our technology and logistics platform, Callbox has the ability to optimize their space needs and driver routing to provide an efficient storage service throughout the Phoenix area at competitive monthly cost. With Callbox Storage, you receive a hassle-free storage pick up, inventory and free delivery options all at a similar monthly storage cost. 

With convenient storage services in Phoenix and surrounding areas (Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, Chandler, Chandler, Gilbert, and more!) make Callbox Storage your #1 choice for all of  your self-storage needs. Call (833) 937-8673 to get a free quote or visit our site to learn more!

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Source of article: Sonoran Living