5 Tips for Sorting & Storing Items Through the Years

5 Tips for Sorting & Storing Items Through the Years

How to organize and declutter your home and find easy storage solutions

For many, aging can be a hard transition. Especially because, with time, we acquire more and more things. How do we know when to let go or hold on of particular items? And how do we store or manage what we keep? Here’s a few tips on how to approach the task of going through your items in a healthy way.

  1. Find a New Use for Old Items

If there are items close to your heart that you couldn’t bear to let go of, and yet, they aren’t quite practical to keep around, re-purpose them. Create something with these sentimental items that can be used in the home, like a new decoration. Maybe you have some old love letters from family past; frame them. Use this mindset when coming across belongings that mean a lot to you, but don’t have a place in a box.

  1. Don’t Do it All at Once

Take your time in tackling your belongings. Sometimes, going through these things can be emotional and overwhelming, especially when attempted all at once. Try to do this in intervals; this way, you can make it a little more fun and spend time going down memory lane. Use this time to gauge how often you would use an item. Add a sticky note with the date you last touched the item and make a note on it the next time you touch it. If you haven’t touched it after (your chosen time frame), then consider storing it or letting it go.

  1. Hard Questions to Ask When Decluttering

Asking yourself these difficult questions as you sort can help save time and mean less items to put into storage:

  • Why exactly did you keep this item?
  • Who did it belong to
  • Does having it around make you happy?
  • Does it bring back specific memories
  • Would you forget this feeling without it?
  • Would it mean something to someone else?

Perhaps taking a photo of the sentimental piece would be enough for you to recall the memory and feelings the item inspires. Use an app like Google Keep or another Notepad app to make notes and attach photos as you go along.

  1. Letting Go is Okay

Understand that, sometimes, you have to let go. Maybe something ignites painful feelings or bad memories. If there’s something in you telling you, “It’s okay,” you should listen to it, and let that thing go. Feelings of guilt or regret may come up, but try to remember, letting go can be healthy, and best of all, freeing. To ease the letting go process, donate the items or give them to a friend. That way, you know it will be in good hands.

  1. Store it Close

At the end of the day, you’ll keep certain things. Some of those things may not be practical for the home, nor reusable. For those, consider storing them with an on-demand storage service, like Callbox Storage. Our storage solutions are perfect for those in their older years that need help sorting and lifting their items. We will create a photo inventory of the items we have in storage, so they can be brought back when you or your loved one wants them. That’s the beauty of using a full service storage solution! It means you have more time to spend with your loved ones and create new memories.

Caregivers and loved ones deserve a break. We’re offering free pick up for the first month to make this transition smoother! Call (833) 937-8673 or visit our website to learn more. 

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