Getting Married? 3 Easy Organization Tips to Reduce Clutter When You Move In Together

Callbox Storage is the perfect solution for those moving in together and needing to downsize

Getting Married or Just Moving in Together doesn't have to be tricky

Even though there are so many exciting things about taking the next step in a relationship by getting married and combining households, there are some challenges too.

Both of you have to get used to those quirky traits that the other person has, and suddenly you have to figure out things like how to divide household chores and finances.

One of the biggest and most important things to figure out when you’re ready to move in? What are you going to do with all your stuff?

More people = more stuff

We know, it’s pretty obvious! But whether you’re moving one person into the other’s home or getting somewhere new, there undoubtedly will be a bunch more stuff to figure out what to do with.

Research shows that a cluttered, messy environment leads to stress and anxiety. During a time of major transition like getting married and moving in together, the last thing you want is something to cause unnecessary stress or conflict.

Here are three important tips for organizing your stuff and avoiding the buildup of clutter that can come with combining households.

  1. Communicate what organization styles work for each of you

There are a lot of different organization strategies out there! Not all of them work for every person. It will be important to communicate with your partner about which strategy will work for you and which won’t.

Are you interested in Marie Kondo’s minimalism? Books that promote cleaning strategies for busy individuals, couples and families? Organization apps?

Talk openly with your partner about what “clean” and “organized” mean to you, how you want to divide up household responsibilities, and what methods you have been using while living on your own.

  1. Plan ahead and get rid of redundancies

There are some things you can do before you move in together, including getting rid of what we’re calling “redundancies.” In other words, what are the things that you can get rid of before moving from one house to another?

These redundancies are often housewares, kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies and sometimes furniture. You can donate, sell or store these extra items.

Downsizing before you move in together ensures that you are able to be organized and clutter-free in your new shared home.

  1. Figure out what you want to put in storage

It can be hard to know what to put in storage when you first move in together. As storage experts, we have some advice about some of the best and worst things to keep in storage if you are moving in together:


Our take: The best furniture to store is what you want to keep because it is high quality or sentimentally important to you but there is no room for it at your new place. A lot of furniture tends to hold its value pretty well, so if you decide to sell it later, you always can.

Many couples get a larger home later in the relationship, so holding onto furniture in storage can be a good idea for when you need to furnish a larger house or apartment.

Large appliances

Appliances are another thing that can be used later. If you and your partner have two washing machines, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of one of them. You can store one and use it if the other eventually breaks down.


When your goal is to avoid clutter as you merge households, you often can part with collectibles for a while. You don’t have to get rid of them, but you also don’t have to figure out where to put them when combining houses.

That said, valuable collections should not be kept in storage.

What about things you shouldn’t put into storage?

Don’t put food, plants or items that are truly irreplaceable into storage. Certain items are even prohibited by some storage companies. For example, here at Callbox, these are some of the items you can’t put into our storage facilities:

  • Perishable goods
  • Very heavy items (pool tables, pianos, hot tubs, etc.)
  • Vehicles
  • Antiques that are over 100 years old
  • Expensive collections of memorabilia
  • Particleboard furniture
  • Illegal items
  • Flammable, hazardous, combustible items

For a complete list of items to keep out of storage, check our FAQ page.

How Callbox Storage can help

Callbox Storage Full-Service StorageIf you want to utilize some of the safest and most convenient storage options available, check out Callbox! We don’t just store your stuff—we also pick it up (for free!), store it and deliver it back to you when you need it.

We offer a wide range of storage options, from small spaces to storage for entire apartments or homes.

We are excited about this next step in your relationship, and we want your new life together to be as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to get a free quote for your storage needs.

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